Want to Travel to Saudi Arabia? Here’s Where You Should Stay

travel to Saudi Arabia

Did you know that Saudi Arabia has no rivers? However, it is abundant in so many other ways. It is a country steeped in history, with mountains, beaches, scuba diving, and many other things to do. 

So if you are asking yourself, should I travel to Saudi Arabia? The answer is yes!

Travel to Saudia Arabia continues to increase, with over 20 million visitors in 2019. And for a good reason. 

A few years ago, it was only possible to travel to Saudi Arabia for business. But now, traveling to Saudi Arabia for business is not the only option. You can go as a tourist! 

So if you are traveling to Saudi Arabia, where should you go? Read on for where to stay in Saudi Arabia to have the best experience!


Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is a top destination for those traveling to Saudia Arabia for business. It is also a perfect spot for tourists, as it is full of cultural sites to explore!

You are also in the perfect location to explore other parts of Saudi Arabia if time allows. You can fly domestically, hire a car, or take a bus. 

Riyadh Sites

You experience the modern and traditional in Riyadh. The Al Masmak Fortress, Deerah Souq, the Al Rajhi Grand Mosque, and many other places to visit. 

Visit Skybridge tower for views across the entire city. You can take day trips to great sites such as the Edge of the World, Ad Diriyah, and the Red Sand Dunes. 

Stay in Riyadh

There are different types of hotels on offer in Saudi Arabia. Popular hotels include hotel chains such as the Ritz, Hilton, and Holiday Inn. They have several locations around the city depending on which area you would like to stay. 


Often known as the ‘gateway to Mecca,’ Jeddah is a city on the Red Sea. It has plenty of activities for all ages on offer. It also offers an eclectic mix of modern attractions and history.

Jeddah Sites

If you like art galleries and museums, you will love Jeddah! It is a cultural hub, so either relax and explore or visit the many attractions. 

There is the UNESCO site Al Balad, the beautiful old city to explore. The tallest fountain in the world, at over 850 feet, is called King Fahd’s fountain. You can also see the floating mosque and many other sites. 

You can take a break from history and visit the Red Sea to snorkel or scuba dive. Or visit the Al Shallal theme park. And you can take a day trip to the beautiful Al Wahba Crater.

Stay in Jeddah

There is a vast selection of hotels depending on your needs. Some popular picks include Rosewood Jeddah, Jeddah Hilton, and The Venue Jeddah Corniche. You can decide if you want to be based on the coast or in the city center. 


Madinah, also known as Medina, is the second holiest city in Islam after Makkah and is known as the ‘city of the Prophet.’ 

Non-Muslims may enter the city, but they must keep a certain distance from the Al-Haram Mosque. Follow the advice of your tour agency and hotel to stick to guidelines. 

Madinah Sites

The Al-Masjid an Nabawi Mosque, also known as the Al-Haram mosque, cannot be visited by non-muslims. Please do not enter Nabawi Square, where it is located. 

However, for all visitors, there are many other sites to visit. There is a sightseeing bus, the Ottoman Hejaz Railway Station, and other museums. There are also many markets to explore and delicious restaurants to try. 

Stay in Madinah

Get advice from a travel agency as to where is suited to stay dependable on location needs. There are popular hotels on offer, such as Oberoi Hotels for those who want and can be by Al-Haram mosque. There are other hotels away from the square, such as the Mawaddah Altaqwa Hotel. 

Al Khobar

When you travel to Saudi Arabia, you do not want to miss the coast. Al Khobar is located on the eastern side and has a corniche to visit. It goes along the Arabian Gulf and is the perfect place to see many of Al Khobar’s other sites. 

Al Khobar Sites

For families, there is a Toy Town Leisure Center. It is full of fun for teenagers and younger children. Visit the Scitech Technology Center to learn about science, and visit its IMAX theatre. 

There are also shopping malls and beaches such as Half Moon beach to visit. 

Stay in Al Khobar

Hotels such as the Home Inn Hotel Suites offer fully equipped apartments. The InterContinental Al Khobar is located close to the Corniche. And Le Meridien Al Khobar is a premium option with a spa and fitness center. 


When traveling to Saudi Arabia, it is good to visit different regions. Abha is the perfect base to explore the mountains of the southwest. You have the Asir mountains as your backdrop. 

Abha Sites

Explore the mountains, spot the wild monkeys, and enjoy the architecture of Abha. There are sites such as the Shada Palace, Al Muftaha Village, and Abha Dam Lake.

The Rijal Almaa Heritage Village is also nearby, which is to join the UNESCO heritage list. It was a stop for those coming from Levant and Yemen to Makkah and Medina. 

Stay in Abha

There is the iconic Abha Palace, with a spa. There are also self-contained units. And if you are traveling to Saudi Arabia for business, suitable hotels are available. 


Umluj is known as the ‘Saudi Arabia Maldives.’ From this coastal town, you can explore over 100 islands. And you can try many water activities, from dolphin spotting to scuba diving.

Umluj Sites

Visit a mango farm, or go inland to the lava field of Harrat Lunayyir. Explore one of the beautiful beaches, or get out on the water for an activity. Or visit one of the many islands, such as Jabal Hassan. 

Stay in Umluj 

Accommodation is growing in Umluj. Keep up to date with your tour agency for the best deals. There are also options to stay on some of the islands.

Travel to Saudi Arabia!

Travel to Saudi Arabia for a diverse range of experiences. Where to stay in Saudi Arabia depends on your interests and the purpose of your trip. But take time to explore and visit different regions! 

Saudi Arabia has something for everyone. For tourists, for travel to Saudi Arabia on business, or those on their pilgrimage. MyHotels can support you with your trip, from arranging hotels to airport transfers. Contact us today to learn more. 

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