10 Fun Things To Do in Jeddah for the Entire Family

things to do in Jeddah

More than 15 million international tourists visited Saudi Arabia in 2018. This isn’t surprising given the wonderful landscapes and rich culture that this ancient country has to offer.

Any trip to Saudi Arabia has to include a stay in Jeddah, the country’s second-largest city. You might be wondering what are the best things to do in Jeddah if you’re planning a trip here with your family.

Keep reading for our guide to the best family activities everyone will enjoy during your stay in ‘the Bride of the Red Sea’.

1. Visit the Al Shallal Theme Park

One of the top places to visit in Jeddah is the Al Shallal theme park. This activity is sure to please the entire family!

The amusement park opens at five every evening, giving the added excitement of riding roller coasters by night. There is a combination of thrill rides, boat rides, and gentle rides for younger children. We’d recommend riding The Train to test your limits!

There are also plenty of options to eat and drink here, in addition to an ice skating rink.

2. Explore the Al Rahma Mosque

Next, to benefit from the incredible culture and history of Jeddah, we’d recommend exploring the Al Rahma mosque. The so-called ‘floating mosque’ combines traditional and modern architecture and is well worth a visit.

It is one of the most popular mosques to visit in Jeddah and features beautiful Islamic art on the inner walls. It is particularly beautiful during sunrise and sunset, as the light of the sky is reflected in the water.

Make sure your family remains respectful of worshippers attending the mosque.

3. Admire King Fahd’s Fountain

Saudi Arabia, and more specifically Jeddah, is home to the tallest fountain in the world. Surely that is reason alone to cross this spectacle off your list.

The fountain was constructed in the 1980s and can shoot water up to 850 feet or higher! With 500 spotlights illuminating the fountain, it will make a wonderful photo opportunity for you and your family.

This is another spot in Jeddah that is best visited at sunset. Take a stroll via Al Andalus out to the fountain, or simply admire the view from across the water in the city center.

4. Have a Go at Snorkeling

If you’re planning to visit Jeddah, be sure to squeeze in some snorkeling or other water sports activities while you’re there. The Red Sea is a beautiful environment to try snorkeling or scuba diving as the water is perfectly clear.

A short boat ride from the port of Jeddah will whisk you out to some fantastic locations. There are even a couple of shipwrecks you can explore! Given the arid environment the city, you will be amazed by the abundance of coral and fish in the waters of the Red Sea. 

5. Wonder Around the Al-Balad Market

One of the best ways to soak up the culture of Saudi Arabia is by visiting a traditional market. The Al-Balad market sits in the historic neighborhood of the town and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The area is full of beautiful buildings and home to the ‘chemist street’ which is lined with plants and flowers.

You should also make a stop in Perfumers Alley which is a great place to shopping for souvenirs to take home.

6. Check Out the Mall of Arabia

One of the most fun activities in Jeddah for families is visiting the Mall of Arabia. This is a huge shopping complex with hundreds of stores and eateries. It’s a great place to visit for escaping the heat and picking up souvenirs from your vacation.

The mall is a short car journey from the main tourist district of Jeddah, but most hotels will be able to arrange transport for you to travel to and from the mall.

7. Enjoy the Fakieh Aquarium

When visiting Jeddah with children, you’ll want to spend at least half a day at the Fakieh Aquarium. The whole family will be entranced by the more than 200 species of marine life that can be observed here.

It’s possible to attend dolphin shows and even swim with dolphins for an additional fee. Be sure to check out the Blue Ocean restaurant that serves delicious family-friendly options once you’ve finished your tour of the aquarium.

8. Drive Out to the Desert

It would be a huge mistake to pay a visit to Jeddah without getting out of the city to explore the incredible surrounding desert, the Rub’ al Khali. There are several different tour operators available that will whisk you out for a day trip in a 4×4, also known as dune bashing.

It’s also possible to rent sand surfboards and quadbikes.

An experience the family will never forget is riding camels through the desert. Ask your hotel for more information about the best tour packages. 

9. Stroll Around Jeddah Corniche

The Jeddah Corniche is one of the top tourist spots in the city. Simply walking along this coastal area stretching more than 30 kilometers will be a great introduction to the city and Saudi Arabia.

Here you can pass a few hours people watching and grabbing a bite to eat. There are also play areas, swimming bays, and the Jeddah sign, which is a must-do photo opportunity for the family.

10. Take a Dip at Silver Sands Beach

Our final tip for visiting Saudi Arabia and Jeddah is to spend some time at Silver Sands beach. You’ll have to pay to enter this private beach, but the soft sand and beautiful water are well worth the price tag.

There are refreshment options available here as well as changing rooms and beach chairs that can be rented.

Those Are the Top Things to Do in Jeddah for Families

As we’ve seen, there are so many things to do in Jeddah when visiting with your family. That’s without mentioning the hundreds of wonderful restaurants, cafes, and shops you’ll discover by walking around the city.

If you’d like some more information about how MyHotels can help you book your hotel or airport transfer, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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