What is an Umrah Visa and How Can You Get One?

umrah visa

Are you planning on going through your first Umrah pilgrimage? Are you not able to get a tourist visa and need to travel to Makkah/Mecca? 

Well, if that’s the case, you might find great use in an Umrah visa. This visa is issued to individuals who need to partake in their Umrah. 

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the visa. As well as how to get one. 

So, whenever you’re ready to take your trip to the next stage of preparation, keep reading.

Umrah & The Visa

For countries that do not issue tourist visas or for circumstances in which you cannot acquire one, you can apply for an Umrah visa.

The visa is made use of within 30 days. It’s single-entry and only valid for a Saudi Arabia stay of 30 days. 

You can issue the visa to yourself, and you can only get one from a registered agency. Umrah visa applications close after two weeks of Ramadan; this is because Umrah stops briefly after the 14th of Ramadan. 

The next time Umrah visas open is about a month after the Hajj. There are no specific dates and no notification. Agents simply get access to the system and begin to issue the visas about a month after Hajj. 

Thus, it’s important to find a responsible agent who will tell you when they can issue a visa. 

Umrah On Tourist Visa

If you can get a category B visa or belong to a country that issues tourist visas, you can also perform the pilgrimage with it. The restrictions are of a lesser degree, and that’s good news.

The only restriction to the visa is that you cannot perform the Umrah during the season of Hajj. However, you can still go after Ramadan ends.

There are no other limitations on this visa. Ramadan usually falls from the mid of April to the end of mid-may.

Muslims can visit Medinah during the season of Hajj. Non-Muslim and Muslim tourists are welcome to visit all cities in the country. Most people want to go during this time is because of the accommodation price drops.

As you can see, even though Umrah can be performed at any time of the year, some restrictions prevent this from happening.

Visa Requirements

You will need a complete original Umrah visa form for application. The statement written at the end of the form must be signed after being read carefully. 

You will need a recent passport size color photo with a white background. It should have a full-face view in which you face the camera. Angled or side views will not be accepted. 

Passport validity should be for 6 months minimum from the date of the submission. Confirmed airline tickets are necessary.

Children and women must be accompanied by a father or husband or any other male relative “Mahram”. Proof of relationship is necessary. The Mahram must travel on the same flight as the children and woman.

If the woman is over 45 years of age, she can go without Mahram if she is with family or an organized group. If the applicant is not a national of the application country, a residency permit is applicable.

A certificate of Meningococcal Meningitis vaccination is necessary as well. The certificate should not be over 3 years ago and not less than 10 days before entry.

Additional Information

The Umrah is a mandatory religious duty that must be carried out by adult Muslims who are financially and physically capable of their journey, as long as they can support their family during the absence.

You will need to check online approved umrah agencies such as www.MyHotels.SA to ensure that your Umrah is accommodated to the maximum. By paying appropriate fees and renting transportation and accommodating, you will ensure the success of your trip. 

Travelers should contact the approval umrah travel agencies for updated fees.

Insurance Policy

The Umrah visa requires all visa holders to have insurance coverage for their stay in the Kingdom. This does not have to be arranged by the pilgrim. The Tawaniya, Company for Cooperative Insurance can provide insurance for visa holders.

This means the insurance is directly linked to your passport, allowing you to access private and public hospitals as well as benefit from coverage for accidents, disasters, death, repatriation, cancellations, flight delays.


The visa is valid for 4 weeks. Within this time frame, one must perform Umrah, making sure to depart from the Kingdom within these four weeks.

Visa Success

Now that you know what an Umrah visa is, as well as how to get one, you are well on your way to ensure that you will find your way into the Kingdom when it’s time for you to perform Umrah.

As long as you hold your faith in Allah, plead yourself to the spirit of the Islamic religion, and place enough effort in your travels, nothing but the One can stop you from entering the Kingdom. 

If you’re interested in acquiring accommodating and a visa for your trip, get in touch with us, and we will happily accommodate your needs.

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