Planning The Ultimate Pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia: Insider Tips


Umrah has a huge significance on Muslims, and it’s non-mandatory. Still, that doesn’t stop millions from going on this spiritual journey each year.

The hardest part of going is planning the trip. There aren’t a ton of rituals and rules that you need to know but you do have to pay attention to the time of year you go and prepare yourself.

In most cases, the best thing you can do is purchase a tour package but you’ll need to do so in advance. It can be a lot of work. Check out this guide for a list of Umrah tips you should keep in mind to make planning easier.

The Best Time of Year to Go for Umrah 

You can take the Umrah any time of year that you want. Still, there are some months that are better for travel than others. 

Month of Ramadan 

To make the most out of your Umrah, it might be a good idea to go during the month of Ramadan. if you take part in Umrah during Ramadan, the rewards you receive from Allah will be multiplied. 

You’ll get countless blessings from Allah and acceptance. If you want the spiritual relief that comes from going during Ramadan, you will have to book in advance. Airlines and hotels are full this time of year. 


Again, you can take part in Umrah any time of year that you want but you might want to avoid it during the summer. Saudi Arabia can be unbearably hot during this time. 

It’s better to book your trip during the spring. If you go sometime between February and May, you will be met with pleasant weather. Not too cold but not too hot either. 

Vacation Months 

Are you planning to make the pilgrimage with your children and other family members? It’s not easy to find a time where everyone can get together to go. That’s why many will put off the trip until the big vacation months when most schools and jobs are closed. 

If this is your plan, you’ll want to book your flight, tour package, and hotel well in advance. If you don’t you’ll have a hard time finding accommodations at all. 


December is one of the best times of year to go on your Umrah pilgrimage. The weather is nice and you won’t run into a crowd since Ramadan and Hajj have ended. You’ll pretty much have your pick when it comes to both flights and hotel accommodations. 

That doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t plan ahead but you won’t have to plan quite as much. 

Things to Know Before Your Umrah Pilgrimage

Before you book your flight and hotel there are a few things that you need to know and consider. Planning is important, there are a few rules that you need to follow, there will be some physical toll, and sometimes it’s best to work with an Umrah travel agency and buy a package. 

Planning is Key 

Planning is always key. Especially if you’re traveling to the holy cities during the busy months. You need to do some research to find the best hotel accommodations and flights. 

You can skip over some of this by booking a package. You’ll need to do your research to make sure the package includes the accommodations that you want. They also need to be authorized. 

As you can see, the more you put into planning the smoother your Umrah will go. 

Familiarize Yourself with the Rules 

There aren’t a lot of rules and regulations that go into Umrah but there are enough to where you need to plan for them. You’ve got to know how to dress during Ihram as well as what you should and shouldn’t do. 

You’ll need to familiarize yourself with certain rituals. At the very least, you should know what to chant during tawaf, taqsir, and sa’i. 

Prepare for the Physical Toll 

Any travel agency in Saudi Arabia will tell you that the climate is hot and humid. By the time you get ready to take part in Umrah, you may feel dizzy and sick from the physical toll the weather has to offer. 

Be ready by drinking plenty of water before you head out and keep an eye on all your family members. Especially the children and elderly. 

It’s also important to note that you won’t be able to make the Umrah without getting a vaccination for polio, yellow fever, and Meningococcal Meningitis.  

Buy a Package 

As we said above, the best way to prepare for your pilgrimage is to book an Umrah package. This will help you avoid scrambling to book your flight and hotel accommodations.  

There are tons of packages out there for you to choose from. All you have to do is set your budget and see what each one has to offer. 

If you’re unsure if the company is authorized, you can visit “Etamarna App – Eatmarna Android/Eatmarna iOS” that belongs to the Hajj Ministry of Saudi Arabia to see an approved list of travel companies you can book with. 

Planning Your Umrah

Are you planning on taking your Umrah Pilgrimage? Even though it’s not one that’s required, many people venture out each year to go on this spiritual journey. There’s a lot to prepare for but as long as you do your planning ahead of time, you should have a fulfilling and wonderful experience. 

Are you still looking for the right Umrah package? Go here to check out what we have to offer. We can’t wait to have you traveling with us. 

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